BombTech Grenade Driver Review – Pure Power

It’s been about 3 weeks since I received my custom Bombtech Grenade driver, and by “custom” I mean I got to pick the loft (2 to choose from) and the shaft flex. I choose 9 degree, and X-stiff shaft, the stock grip is (PURE) and suits me to a tee. The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box was the great contrast between the bright green shaft and the matte black crown; the club had presence. I immediately liked the weight, balance, and confidence inspiring, very clean view down the shaft. Yes, it is a pretty golf club, but is it good enough to take my VrPro 8.5 out of the bag after a 6 year reign. I guess we’ll have to see.

I have always been kind of an equipment geek, I like well crafted tools but only replace them if they wear out, break, or there has been a clear leap in technology. My current driver is the Nike VrPro 8.5 with the compression channel. That head is mounted on the Voodoo SVRX shaft and at 44.5” is the best driver I have ever hit, that’s why I still have it. The club is very stabile, forgiving, sounds good, and when I catch it on the button I can still stretch a few out over the 300 mark, and at 55 what more could I really ask for, there is something to be said for familiarity. The club head is a 4 piece plasma weld with an adjustable hosel, I have it set neutral/neutral.

My first swing with the Grenade was not on a driving range, it was on the second tee box of my favourite golf course in Southern Ontario, Savannah Golf Links in Cambridge. The second hole is a 600 yd par 5 that I have never hit in 2 and thought this might be my day. Tee in the ground, I tried hard to contain my anticipation and stay in balance for the first swing, picked my spot and let it fly. The impact felt like butter, sounded great, and flew on a perfect trajectory. Now I know where my best drives end up and I can say I was a little outside of my familiar space…maybe 15 – 20 yards. I was excited but I also know about the (honeymoon period) with new golf equipment, “it was awesome until the check cleared”. Best drive ever on that hole…still never got home in 2.




I continued to put the pressure on this new driver in every situation I could and it continued to deliver long straight drives, (save for 1 pull hook into the water when I TRIED to hit it hard). With no range time at all, this driver answered every demand. The biggest difference (I found) was on off center strikes, I certainly don’t hit the center every time, and when I don’t I can feel it in my hands, this usually translates into significant distance loss…but not with the Grenade. Toe, heel, or even a little high on the face, the Grenade delivered fairly consistent feel and carry distances. The reason I believe this to be true is because “Sully” and the University of Vermont engineering dept figured out that with a 2 piece club-head you could actually place the center of percussion in the center of the club-face, something very difficult to do with a 4 piece weld. This seems to make the face (hot) everywhere, and when you do hit the center…bliss.


Three weeks, three rounds of golf, and some range time later, my VrPro 8.5 has not seen the inside of my golf bag. Not that I am throwing it out or giving it away, it will find a place in my (Bag of Fame) with the other great golf clubs I’ve hung on to ( I’ve given most away) and the Grenade will take it’s place. Here’s why…

1)It’s Simple: No adjustability, custom… but with very few choices.
2) It looks Great
3) Every club is made and assembled by craftsmen in the United 4) States.
4)EVERYONE asks me what it is
5) It out performs my current driver
6) Even the head cover looks great.

As a Professional Golf Instructor, and writer, I want you to know I am not on the Payroll at Bombtech Golf, I am writing this review to let people know there are great alternatives to mass produced equipment out there, this is not an infomercial driver; this is the real thing and I support the efforts of this great small business, and just like Center of Gravity Golf…

“In the real world, simplification is valued over complication.”
Check out the technology and content on this club at

I Pulled the Pin! Thanks Sully…


Rob Bernard | Center of Gravity Golf | PGA of Canada Professional

Swing Hard In Case You Hit It

I’m probably one of the few Golf Professionals that never really talks to my clients about club head speed. The old joke on the tee box is always, “Swing hard in case you hit it” when in fact “Swing smooth” would be a much better thought.

While it’s true that increased club head speed will cause the ball to fly further; the thought of swinging harder actually has a detrimental effect on the speed of the golf club. Increased club head speed actually is a byproduct of excellent balance and proper sequence of the golf swing, trying harder is a sure fire way to hit short golf shots all day long.

I never want to put an image in the mind that, to increase the speed of the club head, encourages a golfer to “try harder”, and that never works. Any golf professional will tell you they usually swing the club at about 75 to 80% of their maximum, this insures they stay in balance and make solid contact which they know will produce predictable trajectories and carry distances for all their clubs. Any time one of my clients wants to increase distance I start to talk about ball speed. I have always found that ball speed was a more relevant subject and when we learn how to increase ball speed, more distance comes naturally.


One thing a lot of golfers don’t understand is that the most powerful piece of golf equipment made is not the $500.00 driver, actually the $5.00 golf ball is the most powerful and most regulated piece of golf equipment there is.

There are golf balls today that any Pro could hit 400 or 500 yards…we’re not allowed to use them of course, but they are out there. Golf balls are strictly regulated in initial velocity, size, weight, and flight characteristics so golf courses don’t become obsolete overnight. The reason a Golf professional or a top Amateur can hit a regulation golf ball so far is not because of strength or swinging hard, it’s compression.

Learning how to ‘squeeze’ a golf ball is the secret to gaining lots of distance with very little effort. You’ve probably heard the phrase “effortless power,” this comes from understanding that all the energy in golf is in the golf ball…we just have to learn to get it out.

How do you get it out? You squeeze the golf ball using what Center of Gravity Golf calls the “Piston”. The Piston rotation is the release of the club-head through the ball. This releasing (rotating) action compresses the ball causing it to fly. Golf balls are designed to fly and when you compress them properly it will astonish you how far they will fly and how well they hold their line.

Learning to release the club-head properly through the ball is the key to maximizing your ball speed and getting your youthful distance back.

The release of the club-head is actually just a 90 degree rotation of the club-head through the bottom of the swing. Most golfers either don’t release it at all, or they release it too late, after the ball is gone. Late release of the club-head causes high, short shots, off to the right. If you ever noticed that all of your mid irons go the same distance…you’re not releasing the club-head and you’re merely pushing the golf ball around the course.

Learning how to “release” the club-head properly and on time is not a difficult or time consuming project, in fact you can learn it in a few minutes.

With the Center of Gravity System, it is common to effortlessly increase ball speed by 10 – 30 miles/ hour, which can mean an extra 15 – 30 yards on a 7 iron shot alone!

With over 1,000 golfers compelled to write in with their success stories, I encourage you to do the same, and order the COG system. You have nothing to lose but strokes!