Is C.O.G. Golf Too Easy?

I think as a species, we have been conditioned to believe learning a new task or becoming proficient at a skill should be difficult. This is very evident at every turn when I watch golf videos or listen to golf professionals explain how to swing a golf club “properly”.

It seems to me; almost everyone has a different idea on how this should be accomplished, adding to the confusion and slowing down the learning process. Any time there is conflicting information, the brain has trouble filtering out what it is supposed to tell the body, and frustration sets in.

Let’s think about something; Old Tom Morris used to get a featherie ball around the Old Course in St. Andrews in the 1800s in very few strokes without the aid of a swing coach, fitness coach, or nutrition coach. I love watching the old Champions Tour videos with Chi Chi, Lee Trevino, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, and a host of others, every swing different, all getting the job done, and not a swing coach in sight.

With all the differences in the golf swings of the early 20th century, the similarities are glaring, every player had impeccable balance, a specific sequence to their swing, and understood how to use geometry to control their ball flight, other than that, each and every swing was very unique.

It seems today, we are trying to force a new belief system of perfection in a golf swing, with specific angles and positions that must be hit in order to produce desired results, and while that may be great if your paycheck depends on your golf score and you have 20 hours / week to devote to practice, for the rest of us… it spells disaster.

Having too many swing thoughts or conflicting information makes it impossible for the weekend golfer to improve or enjoy the game to it’s fullest, the golf swing is an athletic move and while every body has different physical limitations, every golf swing is also a little different. The Great Golf teacher Harvey Penick once said “Beware of the golfer with a bad grip and a bad swing, for he has learned how to score with the swing he has” I believe amateur golfers world wide should take heed in this comment, your swing doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be yours, and you have to own it!

Students and clients of Center of Gravity Golf have told me a thousand times; “This is too easy, I finally get it!” The reason is simple, I let them use what they have naturally and teach them the proper sequence to swing the club, and it never fails. Once a student discovers his way of getting it done, it never leaves him.

The principles are easy, the boss fingers control the clubface, the feet control the ground, the center of gravity triangle controls the geometry of ball flight and consistency, and the two power sources are the “engine” and the “piston”; put them in the proper sequence and you have a golf swing you can rely on.

So is Center of Gravity Golf too easy? I think it’s just easy enough, but I’ll let you be the judge. A very smart man once said, “This is so easy… it just might work”, and it does.

The Modern Golf Swing

Hi I’m Rob Bernard and I want to talk with you frankly about the modern golf swing. In my opinion, the modern golf swing is an on-going scientific experiment. I even had to put the word “Science” on the cover of my book so people would look at it. If you’ve read the book already, you will know that simple geometry is the only science I talk about. Every where I look at Golf Professional vlogs and blogs the science is getting geekier every day, and frankly…I’m lost. I have been a golf Professional for 20 years and I could not begin to explain what all that data means to me a Pro…let alone a beginner golfer.

You know you’re coming from a different place when you start your next sentence with “Back in the day” Golf swings were an art form, each player had a very distinctive “look” when he /she would strike the golf ball. They all looked different not because they were taught that way; they looked like that because that was how their body felt the best with the swing motion…consistently.

Even though they all looked unique, they all had similarities as well. It’s those similarities we need to be looking at, not the differences. They all swing the golf club (primarily) with the same hand -- they all hold their center of gravity as still as possible during the swing, and they all know and use the same sequence of moves that makes a ball go far and straight…and they do it really good, most of the time.

Most of us don’t…even me, a 20 year Pro, I can’t hope to be even close to the guys we compare everyone to, and if you’re reading this article…you too. We have to realize, they are a unique collection of the 200 or so best players in the world, “can’t touch that”. That’s not saying nobody can, I know a few players that if they can hold their emotions together they have all the talent in the world, I’ve been in this game 20 years, they are the only 2 (one Jr. and 1 Canadian Tour Pro) out of 10’s of thousands of golfers I have encountered.

The rest of us need to understand how to hold our COG as still as we can, swing the club with the proper hand, and do it in sequence…that’s it! everything else falls into place because it is a system.

Now don’t get me wrong…all this technology is great in the right Pro’s hands, with the right pupil. The golfer that will benefit from this technology already knows what how to hold their stuff together pretty good and are “fine tuning” or “science-a-fying” their golf swing; not for the majority of us I feel.

As a Club / Teaching Professional, I expect to maintain a decent golf game without playing much golf and having little time for practice, like most of you. I was able to do so because I did not follow with the technology and science of the golf swing, and focussed on the artful golf swing…one my body will repeat more often, but it doesn’t matter how pretty your swing is if your foundation (center of gravity triangle) is not solid…and that is what I work on the most…sixty balls at a time… doesn’t take up my whole day, gets me goal based-focussed practice, and keeps every part of my game pretty sharp when ever I do get a chance to play…and you can too.

Center of Gravity Golf is teaching the “Artful” way of swinging a golf club…build and understand your foundation…(3-steps), Learn the proper sequence of the golf swing, in order…(3-steps), and carry your knowledge into your short game with the scoring system (3-steps). When your swing is “Artful” it will repeat more often, and when your foundation is strong, your consistency rises…a lot, and when you have and execute your short game plan, you are a different player. Any golfer will do nothing but improve as the foundation gets stronger, and the swing more artful and free…not manufactured in a lab. The other unique thing about Center of Gravity Golf is the message…the language is not typical golf jargon; the sequence the message is delivered in, and the language paints an indelible picture on the learning process; and you can talk to other COGG players about your game and the conversation won’t hurt you…which brings me around to golf lessons.

The best advantage to Center of Gravity Golf is that any COGG (Certified) Golf Instructor will say the same things in the same order, fix or tweak anything while following the system, and not contradict or undermine anything you have learned previously, a confidence builder in itself. This is unheard of in the golf industry so you can take a “tune up” lesson anywhere a COGG Instructor is available, and be sure you’re staying on track.

Center of Gravity Golf has been tested with many different Nationalities, in more than 30 Countries around the world, and the results are always the same…

Video Testimonial - Tim Rector: World Long Drive Competitor, Regional Champion

Tim hails from New Hamburg Ontario and is the Champion of multiple Regional and Canadian Long Drive Championships. Tim’s ability to annihilate a golf ball is truly an experience to see. After coming to Center of Gravity Golf, Tim has learned not only how to generate even more power in his swing, but to stabilize his body in order to keep the ball in the tiny 40 yard wide grid. Tim has multiple 400+ yard drives in practice and is poised to take on the Worlds best at the Remax World Long Drive Championships in Las Vegas. Have a listen to Tim explain how Center of Gravity Golf has taken him to the next level of excellence.

Video Testimonial - Hardy Premsuk: Star Attitude Performance Coach

Hardy is a performance coach and the creator of the Star Attitude Performance series. Hardy had gone from not ever holding a golf club, to shooting in the 80s in ONE SEASON under the guidance of the Center of Gravity Golf system. Hardy explains the simplicity of the Center of Gravity Golf program and how it will help everyone who wants to have a non-confusing, and complete understanding of the golf swing and how it works.

The Entire System (Book & VOD) package sells for only $59.00, a small investment for the return in happiness, and fun times at the golf course. Sign up for free and see the original VOD series.

I’m Rob Bernard, and I endorse this message.