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A Glowing Recommendation For Center of Gravity Golf Training System


Kevin Purcell is the Executive Director of the PGA of Ontario and has seen first hand the affect  of the consistency of the Center of Gravity Golf program while he was the General Manager of  the Rebel Creek Golf Club in Kitchener Ontario. 

To whom it may concern: 

I was first exposed to COG Golf several years ago through an introduction to Mr. Rob Bernard  by an Assistant Professional who was working for me at the time. Two years ago I was fortunate  enough to be hired as the General Manager of Rebel Creek Golf Club in Kitchener, Ontario.  Rebel Creek has a first class range and practice facility and I immediately saw the opportunity to  establish a Teaching Academy at the facility. Having met and played golf with Rob on a few  occasions and knowing a bit about COG Golf my first call was to Rob to see if we could set up  an arrangement. The COG GOLF Academy at Rebel Creek was born! 

To launch the Academy we organized several information sessions at the club where Rob went  through one of his presentations. I was amazed! I have been a Golf Professional for over 20  years and taught upwards of a thousand lessons. I have never seen a group of people so  riveted to a presentation nor have I ever seen learning the golf swing made to be so simple! The  information presented was nothing new or revolutionary, but the way it was presented was! I can  say I even did some work on my own game with Rob and found his method and delivery to be  exceptional. The feedback I received that first year the Academy opened at Rebel Creek was  nothing but overwhelmingly positive! It was extremely rewarding to see many of my members  improving their games in such a short period of time. Many of these members had taken  lessons from various golf instructors over the years with little or no improvement in their game. It  was obvious that bringing Rob and COG Golf to Rebel Creek was a huge success. The passion  exhibited by Rob and Doug, their knowledge of the golf swing and their professionalism will no  doubt ensure that COG Golf will be extremely successful not only in the Kitchener area, but  everywhere it is being taught around the world! 

Kind regards, 

Kevin Purcell 

Executive Director 

PGA of Ontario