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Thousands of Golfers Worldwide rely on
The Center of Gravity Golf Training System

Created by PGA Veteran Coach & Instructor

Rob Bernard

What Is Center Of Gravity Golf?

How Center of Gravity Golf Revolutionized Golf Instruction for Golfers of All Shapes, Sizes, and Skill Levels

Center of Gravity Golf is a golf instructional training system created by PGA Professional instructor Rob Bernard. The training system is available in softcover, e-book, and a video series. Center of Gravity Golf also hosts seminars, training, and coaching.

Our comprehensive package is a game-changer for golfers at any level. Whether you’re a novice, taking in-person or online lessons, or prefer a self-guided approach, our program is tailor-made for you. We understand that many golfers opt for self-guided learning, and our systematic approach empowers you to master the game on your own terms. With the abundance of available information, our package simplifies the learning process, ensuring you reach your goals. Plus, with our online support, success is guaranteed. Embrace the journey and unlock your full golfing potential with us.

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Our Unique Approach

How The Center Of Gravity Training System Works

Golf Instruction That Sticks

Center of Gravity Golf was created with a study of over 100,000 golfers from all around the world. The problem has been, “how do you teach a large group of people of all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and abilities, all at the same time”. Understanding quickly I had to paint an indelible picture in the mind of the golfer that will allow them to quickly recall how the basic fundamentals work, as well as the sequence and purpose of the swing. By dividing the entire message into easy to manage compartments of 3 mental pictures, the golfers were able to understand and implement the instruction in a very short time. 



We developed an innovative method of dividing the entire golf instruction process into manageable compartments of three mental images at a time. This approach allowed golfers to grasp and implement the lessons quickly, leading to significant improvements in their game.

Once the full swing sequence and fundamentals are understood, implementing the short game scoring system will guarantee the best scores you have ever had. Using the knowledge acquired in the full swing section, the short game system fits like a perfect puzzle piece. The short game system will deliver the biggest returns, with the easiest swings. Putting, chipping, finesse, pitch shots, bunkers, and specialty shots, all in a system that is easy to remember and will give you confidence from any short game distance.


golf equipment on green golf course.
The challenge

The problem has been: How do you simplify a very complex message?

The COG Golf System revolutionizes the way golf training is approached by simplifying the complex aspects of the game. Designed by a world renowned golf instructor, this comprehensive system breaks down the core elements of the golf swing into three easy-to-understand fundamentals. By following a systematic and sequential approach, beginners and experienced golfers alike can deepen their understanding of motion and apply it to their golf swings with ease. This simplified methodology not only accelerates learning but also enhances retention and application, leading to consistent improvement on the course. With the COG Golf System, golfers can navigate through the intricacies of the game with confidence, allowing them to unlock their true potential and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

What We Stand For

Ultimate Goal:

To reduce the National average golf score. This is a feat that has never been accomplished in the long history of the game. With all the improvements in golf over the last 50 years, equipment, the golf ball, course conditions, and the myriad of golf tips and instruction in every medium available, the average golf score has not improved by 1 stroke. We feel golf instruction is well overdue for a change, and Center of Gravity Golf represents that change.

Our Mission

Our mission statement at Center of Gravity Golf is to ignite a paradigm shift in golf instruction by providing a systematic approach that is applicable to everyone. We recognize that every player is unique and requires a personalized approach to achieve their full potential. Our innovative and strategic teaching method aims to inspire our clients to reach new heights in their golf game. We strive to become a global leader with innovative and transformative golf instruction.

Despite all the new clubs and technology, the average golf score has not changed in the last 50 years


Meet our team

The People Behind
Center Of Gravity Golf

Rob Bernard

Founder/Creator of Center of Gravity Golf
Class “A” Head Professional with the PGA of Canada

About Rob:

Rob is a 25+ year, Class “A” Canadian PGA Golf Professional who after working as a Head Golf Professional & PGA Education Facilitator turned his entire attention to the development of a unique and entertaining instructional system. Over the last 10 years, Rob has been traveling with his lecture series and has presented over 500 Center of Gravity Golf seminars to over 100,000 satisfied and enlightened golfers in more than 30+ countries worldwide. For Conference, Meetings or Incentive Travel, Rob brings an exciting, entertaining and experiential offering to enhance the enjoyment of any corporate event. Whether a one day Team Building Event or as travel host on an incentive program, he can bring the WOW factor to any gathering. His instructional book “Get Your Swing in Gear” and full length instructional videos are a great success and would be ideal for teaser campaigns or client gifts when golf is a big part of the day or program.

Career Highlights:

  • Author of Golf Instructional Book and Video Series “Get Your Swing in Gear”
  • Facilitator: PGA of CANADA Teaching & Coaching Certification Program
  • Instructor: Professional Golf Management Program, Lethbridge AB.
  • Instructor: Professional Golf Management Program, Charlottetown PE.
  • Nominated “Teacher of the Year” & “Club Professional of the year”·
  • Elite Coach, CLGA, PEI Jr. Girls Team, 2004
  • Elite Coach, R C G A, PEI Jr. Boys, and Girls Teams, 2005
  • Nominated, “Top 50 Golf Professionals in Canada” National Post
  • Magazine
  • Featured in GOLF CANADA magazine, June 2005 issue
  • Produced and taught in three, 1 hour Golf Instruction Television Programs for Princess Cruises
Vice President
Doug Denoon

Vice President of Golf Operations
Director of Player and Coach Development

About Doug:

Doug is an amazing communicator with an in-depth knowledge of the Center of Gravity Golf program. A life long trainer with the “gift” of teaching, Doug has trained high level athletes in the fields of Tennis, Super Bike Racing, Jet Ski racing, and Alan Bergs (Formula Corporate Racing School). Doug was so impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of the COGG program on his own game, not only did he immerse himself into the program, but became a partner, & is now one of the best golf instructors and trainers in the country. A life long friend and now partner, Doug personifies what a COGG Golf Instructor should be, is the Vice President of Golf Operations at COG Golf, and our Director of Player and Coach Development.

Player Development Specialist:

Over the course of 10 years I have been fortunate to have Doug Denoon be the main role in the instruction, coaching and mentorship of my golf game, from the stages of an elite junior golfer, into my career now as a PGA of Canada Golf Professional.

Some of the highlights I remember were gaining 20 yards off the tee on my drives and a full club on my irons, all within the first two months of working together! On another occasion, when making the difficult transition from a junior golfer into an adult, Doug helped me take 8 strokes off my handicap from a 6 to a +2 (negative index) within 4 months, turning my professional aspirations into a reality.

Doug’s teaching and delivery of the COG system has given me a profound understanding of the cause and effect relationship between mechanics of the golf swing, the quality of impact, and the ball flight produced. I believe any meaningful commitment to learning from Doug will likely be one of the most significant experiences a person will have in their golfing endeavor. The lessons learned will create a sound understanding of the principles necessary for a solid golf game, and pave the way for further self discovery.

Markus Clift
PGA of Canada Golf Professional
Scoring Average: 68

Our Services

Services we provide

Realize Your Golf Potential

COG E-Book and Video Series

By breaking down the core elements of the golf swing and teaching them through easy-to-understand mental images, we make it simple for golfers to grasp the purpose and sequence of the swing, leading to significant improvements in performance.

Get Your Swing In Gear Book

By breaking down the core elements of the golf swing and teaching them through easy-to-understand mental images, we make it simple for golfers to grasp the purpose and sequence of the swing, leading to significant improvements in performance.

The Center of Gravity Golf stage shows have been enjoyed more than 500 times all over the world. Golf industry shows, corporate gatherings, home shows, customer appreciation, or any occasion where memorable golf entertainment is desired.

In person lessons

Book an in person consultation with Master instructors, Rob Bernard, or Doug Denoon. When available, these can be 1 on 1 sessions, or in groups up to 10.

Online Lessons

Book an in person, online video consultation with Rob or Doug. We will have a look at your swing, understand your goals, and make sure you understand how the system works. Then you can decide on the program that suits you the best. We guarantee a positive experience or we refund you fully, you’ve got nothing to lose, but strokes.

Invaluable for beginners, anyone taking lessons in person, or online, this package is also perfect for the “do it yourself golfer”. There are lots of golfers who won’t take formal lessons for one reason or another, and with all the information available, prefer to figure it out on their own. The systematic approach to putting it all together with this program really appeals to this golfer, and with on-line support, guarantees you will reach your goals.

Professional Coaching Certification

Are you currently an active golf instructor, or always wanted to be a certified golf instructor, then check out our instructor certification page. Center of Gravity Golf certified golf instructors are some of the best trained golf instructors in the world with central corporate support, territory domain, central advertising, product to sell, and much more. See if you qualify to become a part of the Center of Gravity Golf professional instructors family, and the benefits it comes with.

Afriyea Golf Academy

Center of Gravity Golf is very proud to be associated with the Afriyea Golf Academy in Uganda as the education directors for the coaches of the Academy. Afriyea stands for  “African Young Environmental Activist” and incorporates basic education with the STEM program, as well as environmental education along with teaching the students the game of golf as a catalyst to build character and self worth for the youth of Uganda. Click on the Afriyea Link to learn more about the Academy and its founder, Isaiah Mwesige.

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