Golf: It’s All About Focus

Golf is the ultimate game of focus – let me explain. If you consider yourself a half decent golfer, and have a modicum of consistency and ease on the driving range but cannot seem to take it to the golf course and hit it the way you do on the range… you’ve lost your focus. […]

How would you teach Rory?

Do you become a better teacher by teaching better players? This is a question I have had for quite some time now, after 20 years teaching beginner, iintermediate, top amateur, and Professional players; I can tell you from vast experience that it is far more rewarding and challenging to teach beginners and intermediate golfers the […]

Is Golf Too Expensive?

I don’t buy it! There has been lots of talk about why golf has been stagnant, or declining (it depends on who you talk to) and the culprits that surface to the top of most discussions I hear or read is cost, and time…and I simply don’t buy it.

The King Has Spoken – Take His Advice

I happened to catch an episode of “12 Nights at the Academy” with Kelly Tilghman this week and her guest was none other than the King himself, Arnold Palmer. I always stop what I’m doing and have a listen when Arnold has something to share and I wanted to pass along some words of wisdom […]

What’s Your Battle Plan?

The “Game” of golf is really a strategic battle between you and the golf course you’re playing. As the golfer, you’re trying to get your golf ball into the hole and the golf course is putting obstacles and things in your way in order to make it difficult for you, “and” the golf course has […]

But I Hit It Great At The Range!

I wanted to write a blog on these anguished cries I hear on a daily basis at the golf course: “I was hitting my driver great on the range” “I was sinking everything on the practice green” “I wish I could take my range game to the golf course, what am I doing wrong?” I […]

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Practice – What’s Better?

There has been much debate on the effectiveness of practicing or getting golf lessons in an indoor facility versus an outdoor driving range or practice facility. Until just recently, golfers had no choice but to find a spot on a range when they could and get some swings in trying to work on their swing; or just relieve some […]