Erin Hills Golf Course – A Commentary Piece

I don’t write commentary pieces much anymore, they really are only opinions and as you know, everybody has one. The first hot topic this week is Erin Hills Golf Course, the host of this years  (2017) US Open.

The course has come under a lot of fire recently for the “unfair rough” where Tour Players may (god forbid) lose a ball or two… welcome to our world.

I really welcome a golf course like this for those players, they are the best in the world and everyone plays the same venue so what’s the problem? I believe the problem is that “golf” used to be; Fairways, Greens, Putts and now, on the big tour it’s more like; drive, wedge, chip, and putt. A venue that puts the emphasis on accuracy off the tee gives the Strickers, Pavins, and the Weirs of the PGA Tour a chance against the Watsons, Johnsons, and the McElroy’s.

Keep the ball in play and you will always have a shot! The course looks lush and beautiful right now, I sincerely hope the USGA / PGA Tour does not stress it out like they did Chambers Bay in Seattle, That was a very bad representation of the Chambers Bay course. Having played there I can tell you it is lush, green, beautiful, and a pleasure to play. It is not the bombed out pasture they showed us at the Open. Erin Hills looks very inviting as well, however if I was playing there this week, I couldn’t afford enough for caddies to keep me in golf balls.