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What is Center of Gravity Golf?

Center of Gravity Golf is a new and exciting golf instruction method based firmly on the basic geometry and physics that control the golf swing. After 20 years of teaching, I have created and perfected a learning system that simplifies the message, resulting in quick and steady improvement.

How is Center of Gravity Golf different from other teaching methods?

Golf instruction has long been over analyzed, over taught, and over thought; frustrating beginners, instructors and professionals alike. Center of Gravity Golf differs in the way that it is presented; the message doesn’t change or contradict itself, making it easy to understand, implement and remember.

Who should try Center of Gravity Golf?

The Center of Gravity Golf method is consistent and easy to understand, making it an effective tool for anyone who wants to improve their golf game. The method improves both technique and consistency for players of all ages and skill levels, from a beginner to a low handicap player.

Should I use both the the book and videos?

Although many golfers have achieved great results by using either the book or the video(s), a combination of the two is complementary, thus shortening the learning curve, for faster results.

How long will it take to improve my golf game?

The beauty of Center of Gravity Golf lies in its simplicity. The method is easy to understand, implement, and remember, resulting in dramatic improvements in a very short period of time.

Can I focus on specific lessons, or do should I use the entire program?

Although Center of Gravity Golf was designed as a complete learning system (from driver to putter), we firmly believe that each and every aspect that you choose to implement will enhance your game.

Can I stream the Center of Gravity Golf videos on my mobile device?

Yes. By subscribing to Center of Gravity Golf, you will have video on demand access at your fingertips for all devices, making it easy to watch the videos whenever you want, whether at home, on the road, or right on the course/driving range.

Are there lessons available in my area?

Yes, Center of Gravity Golf makes it easy and convenient to take a live lesson from a local instructor. See all of our available instructors here.

Is there a money back guarantee?

If your game hasn’t improved after using the Center of Gravity Golf system, contact our customer service for a full refund. With our money back guarantee…you have nothing to lose but strokes!

Where do I find the practice schedules mentioned in the videos?

You can find the practice schedules here.

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