Full Swing Seminar: Starting Package

1 Hour Seminar - For ANY SKILL LEVEL

This introduces Center of Gravity Golf as a unique, simple, and very effective learning system for the golf swing. Outlining the 3 basic Fundamentals of the game, their importance, and exactly how to achieve success in understanding and controlling these fundamentals for increased consistency, continued improvement, and emphasizes how manageable learning the game really is.

Introduce the COGG 3 piece golf swing, the importance of each piece, and what it does for your swing, the proper sequence of events in the golf swing, and how to quickly and permanently make them your own.

The (Driver Set Up) same explanation as the 6 minute video from YouTube, continues on the truths of center of gravity and it’s effects on the golf game, gives a strong reason to believe, and is a strong show close and Segway to invite the golfers back for the next show, with a promise of a minimum of 5 strokes from their game.


The Finesse Game: Continue the learning with this additional 1 hour seminar after the Full Swing Seminar

The Finesse Game seminar is a fun and informative talk on creating a scoring system that will guarantee a minimum of 5 shots off their score.

Using the unique COGG scoring game system, the golfer is able to see a pattern developing that fits with what they have learned so far. In this hour they will learn how to execute specific scoring yardage shots and be able to repeat them as needed with confidence.

This show then Segway’s into the 3rd Presentation.

The Short Game System

Complete the learning experience with this additional 1 Hour seminar after the Full Swing and The Finesse Seminars

The third and final show has it’s focus on Chipping and Putting. The chipping set up mirrors the finesse game for continuity in building your chipping system, and game plan.

The putting portion of the system focuses on the importance of the “Center of Gravity Triangle” in putting, tying together the entire system and built in game plan.

The putting instruction focuses only on the things we are in control of, initial direction, and initial speed of the putt. With only 2 putting drills to work on, the entire system comes together, leaving the audience entertained and informed on how manageable learning this game really is.

Total time for all three seminars is 3 hours with 1 hour breaks.

Why Choose Rob Bernard?

Hire Rob Bernard for a ONE OF A KIND Interactive, Educational Golf Experience!

Rob Bernard is a Class “A” member in good standing with the Canadian PGA. In his nearly 20 years as a dedicated teacher of the game, Rob has accumulated an impressive list of accomplishments culminating in the development and refinement of (what we believe to be) the only golf teaching and learning system of it’s kind in the world today, Center of Gravity Golf.

  • PGA of Canada Member since 1996.
  • PGA of Canada (TCCP) Education Facilitator “Teaching and Coaching Certification Program”
  • Guest speaker / MC at various PGA events
  • Created 3 made for TV instructional programs for Princess Cruise Lines
  • Performed in excess of 500 live seminars, for over 100,000 golfers, in more than 30 Countries around the world.
  • Author and Creator of Center of Gravity Golf, “Get Your Swing in Gear” instructional book and Video series


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