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Center of Gravity Golf offers a diverse range of services to cater to your corporate needs, whether you’re looking for in-person experiences, online resources, practice plans, short game strategies, or virtual lesson packages. Contact us to tailor these offerings to your specific requirements and ensure your team or clients enjoy a unique and unforgettable golf experience.

Speaking Engagements

The Center of Gravity Golf stage shows have been enjoyed more than 500 times all over the world. Golf industry shows, corporate gatherings, home shows, customer appreciation, or any occasion where memorable golf entertainment is desired.

In Person Lessons

In person lessons with a COG instructor will raise the level of your game instantly, and once your lesson package is complete, you can sign on for a coaching package so your instructor can stay with you, reinforcing your lessons, and guaranteeing satisfaction with your golf game.

Online Lessons

These 30 minute sessions of one on one time are a highly efficient and effective way of improving your game. This one on one time allows the coach to hone in on the fundamentals, swing sequence, and the all over game, to ensure complete understanding, and fast improvement.

Book Training Manual

The Center of Gravity Golf System is a revolutionary golf instruction method that can supercharge your golf game. It simplifies the game and provides rapid, lasting results for golfers of all skill levels.

Video Training Series

Our in-depth video training series, takes what you learn in the Training Manual and enhances it with detailed explanations, easy to follow steps, and a visual guides to help improve your golf game.

Coaching Certification

Center of Gravity Golf certified golf instructors are some of the best trained golf instructors in the world. See if you qualify to become a part of the Center of Gravity Golf professional instructors family, and the benefits it comes with.

Our services

Services offered by Center of Gravity Golf, from live events to personal sessions

Enjoy the limitless possibilities of your golf game with Center of Gravity Golf. Online, In-Person One on one, or in a group setting.

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Join the growing community of golfers at all skill levels who are experiencing more success and enjoyment in their golf game with Center of Gravity Golf.


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