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Enjoy the limitless possibilities of your golf game with Center of Gravity Golf. One on one or in a group setting.

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Services offered by Center of Gravity Golf, from live events to personal sessions

Center of Gravity Golf offers a variety of services to help golfers improve their game. One of their main offerings is live events, where participants can attend seminars and workshops to learn about the Center of Gravity Golf philosophy and techniques. They also offer personal sessions with experienced instructors, allowing golfers to receive one-on-one guidance tailored to their individual needs. In addition, Center of Gravity Golf provides online courses, allowing individuals to learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own home. They also have a range of training aids and equipment available for purchase to help golfers practice and refine their skills. With these services, Center of Gravity Golf aims to help golfers of all levels achieve their goals and enjoy the game to its fullest potential.

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Join the growing community of golfers at all skill levels who are experiencing more success and enjoyment in their golf game with Center of Gravity Golf.

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Speaking engagements:

The Center of Gravity Golf stage shows have been enjoyed more than 500 times all over the world. Golf industry shows, corporate gatherings, home shows, customer appreciation, or any occasion where memorable golf entertainment is desired.

In person lessons:

Book an in person consultation with Master instructors, Rob Bernard, or Doug Denoon. When available, these can be 1 on 1 sessions, or in groups up to 10.

Online accessibility:

Book an in person, online video consultation with Rob or Doug. We will have a look at your swing, understand your goals, and make sure you understand how the system works. Then you can decide on the program that suits you the best. We guarantee a positive experience or we refund you fully, you’ve got nothing to lose, but strokes.

Book & video series curriculum:

Invaluable for beginners, anyone taking lessons in person, or online, this package is also perfect for the “do it yourself golfer”. There are lots of golfers who won’t take formal lessons for one reason or another, and with all the information available, prefer to figure it out on their own. The systematic approach to putting it all together with this program really appeals to this golfer, and with on-line support, guarantees you will reach your goals.

Professional Coaching Certification:

Are you currently an active golf instructor, or always wanted to be a certified golf instructor, then check out our instructor certification page. Center of Gravity Golf certified golf instructors are some of the best trained golf instructors in the world with central corporate support, territory domain, central advertising, product to sell, and much more. See if you qualify to become a part of the Center of Gravity Golf professional instructors family, and the benefits it comes with.

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