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Get together with your coach any time, at home or at your favorite range

With modern technology today, seeing your coach could never be easier. Whether you are at home or your favorite range or course, we are at your fingertips.

These 30 minute sessions of one on one time are a highly efficient and effective way of improving your game. This one on one time allows the coach to hone in on the fundamentals, swing sequence, and the all over game, to ensure complete understanding, and fast improvement.

No more waiting for e-mailed videos. Get quick results with online coaching, you will receive instant feedback on the work needed. Work on your skillset in real time with a COG certified coach.

Lessons Anywhere Personalized Coaching Instant Feedback

Hire Center of Gravity Golf for a one of a kind interactive, educational golf experience!

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Why Choose Center of Gravity Golf

Over other forms of golf instruction

Center of Gravity Golf is a fully comprehensive teaching and learning system that is guaranteed to move you along in your golf journey both quickly and effectively. The systematic approach to the teaching model will build you an understanding of what is happening in your golf swing logically and accurately.
Having COG lessons on-line makes sense as your Pro is available when you are and there is a curriculum to follow and to reference at any time you like.  Just like in person lessons, Center of Gravity Golf on-line lessons lessons are guaranteed, so you have nothing to lose…but strokes!
Book a free consultation with Rob or Doug and see if COG golf is right for you, and make the right decision for your golf education. 
PGA of Canada Member since 1996.
PGA of Canada (TCCP) Education Facilitator “Teaching and Coaching Certification Program”
Guest speaker / MC at various PGA events
Created 3 made for TV instructional programs for Princess Cruise Lines
Performed in excess of 500 live seminars, for over 100,000 golfers, in more than 30 Countries around the world.
Author and Creator of Center of Gravity Golf, “Get Your Swing in Gear” instructional book and Video series

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