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Tim Rector

World Long Drive Regional Champion

Video Testimonial - Tim Rector: World Long Drive Competitor, Regional Champion

Tim hails from New Hamburg Ontario and is the Champion of multiple Regional and Canadian Long Drive Championships. Tim's ability to annihilate a golf ball is truly an experience to see. After coming to Center of Gravity Golf, Tim has learned not only how to generate even more power in his swing, but to stabilize his body in order to keep the ball in the tiny 40 yard wide grid. Tim has multiple 400+ yard drives in practice and is poised to take on the Worlds best at the Remax World Long Drive Championships in Las Vegas. Have a listen to Tim explain how Center of Gravity Golf has taken him to the next level of excellence.

Hardy Premsuk

Star Attitude Performance Coach

Video Testimonial - Hardy Premsuk: Star Attitude Performance Coach

Hardy is a performance coach and the creator of the Star Attitude Performance series. Hardy had gone from not ever holding a golf club, to shooting in the 80s in ONE SEASON under the guidance of the Center of Gravity Golf system. Hardy explains the simplicity of the Center of Gravity Golf program and how it will help everyone who wants to have a non-confusing, and complete understanding of the golf swing and how it works.

Darren Sweeney

Recreational Golfer

Video Testimonial - Darren Sweeney: Recreational Golfer

Darren is businessman and a casual golfer of 10 years who loves the sport and wants to be able to play with his wife and friends but has flexibility and balance issues that have been keeping him from enjoying his golf. Since coming to Center of Gravity golf last season, Darren knows exactly what he has to focus on in his golf swing in order to become more consistent and generate more distance. After a long 10-year struggle with his golf, Darren is now enjoying the game more and is improving steadily.

Sean Doyle

24 to 14 Handicap in 2 Weeks

Video Testimonial - Sean Doyle: 24 to 14 Handicap in 2 Weeks!

Sean is the consummate workingman golfer, absolutely in love with the game and plays whenever he can. Sean wanted to be a better competitor so came to Center of Gravity golf for some help. After only 2 lessons, Sean went from a 24 handicap to a 14 in only 2 WEEKS, shooting in the 80s for the first time ever AND winning his flight in his Club Championships. Sean is now working on becoming a single digit handicap and should be there this season. Have a listen while Sean explains how Center of Gravity golf has elevated his love for the game, and how easy it really is to improve steadily with the right information.

Kevin Purcell is the Executive Director of the PGA of Ontario and has seen first hand the affect of the consistency of the Center of Gravity Golf program while he was the General Manager of the Rebel Creek Golf Club in Kitchener Ontario. READ KEVIN'S FULL TESTIMONIAL »

This instruction book is the business. I am driving better, putting better and showing more consistency with shots than I have for years. I genuinely think this can improve ones game.PETER MAC reviewer
Rob's technique is quite amazing. This book takes you through the full swing, putting and all the short game swings. I also bought the accompanying videos. The way he simplifies the golf swing and breaks it down I could imagine it could even help older golfers that may have suffered a stroke get back into the game.PAUL reviewer
At last, the ultimate golf instruction book. I watched Rob's instruction video...went out and hit the driver properly and with confidence for the first time in my life. I haven't met Rob, however, if I ever do, I want to shake his hand and say a big 'thanks' for simplifying the technique involved in hitting powerful shots and making this game we all love - but find so frustrating at times - so enjoyable.JOSEPH DALY reviewer
Rob is an excellent, knowledgeable instructor with a deep understanding of the golf swing. He works extremely well with golfers of all levels of experience. Rob always makes you feel comfortable.JIM COADY
Professional Engineer at Atlantic Systems Manufacturing Ltd.
Rob's COG system has helped my son Max Clift tremendously. Rob's teaching methods are so matter-of-fact that my son can recall the steps while in the middle of an important tournament. This has helped Max achieve a whole new level of elite performance. He now competes with success on the AJGA, the best junior golf tour in the world. With Rob's instruction, Max has achieved a Top 300 US national ranking already, and still has three more summers of junior golf ahead! NCAA Division One schools are contacting Max to play on their golf team in 2016. We couldn't be happier for Max, and highly recommend Rob as a golf coach.GARY CLIFT
Technical Consultant at Coreworx
Rob changed my golf radically in just one group session on Princess Cruises and then again after reading his book and listening to and watching his DVD. If everyone just starting out in golf followed Rob's technique, they could be outplaying their veteran playing partners within a year. I highly recommend Rob and his teaching materials to anyone who really wants to play better golf. It's so simple its almost scary. People ask how come I play the way I do and my response is I was taught by a golf genius in just one lesson. That genius was Rob Bernard.JOE MORIS
Broker at Coastal Country Real Estate and Columnist at The Coast News
Rob is a true maverick in the golf industry. Instead of rehashing the same old, confusing golf dogma, he innovated a way to teach others how to cut the learning curve down in golf so you can enjoy and excel at the sport. True leaders in their field invent things. Rob's techniques and his demeanor are in a class by themselves- world class.RON SPALLONE
Alternative Physical Medicine of Colorado
My wife and I took up golf in our later years and took lessons from several "pros". Only after 2 days of lessons from Rob did the game and mechanics of golf start to make sense. Rod taught us not only what to do, but helped us to understand what was wrong in our swing that caused the poor shot. I would HIGHLY recommend his teaching methods to anyone new or experienced in golfing.JIM BLAIR
President at Saint Technologies, Inc
Rob guarantees to take 10 strokes off your golf score - AND, he is a man of his word. The best day of golf I ever had; educationally and socially. Rob is the perfect enhancement to capitalize on a corporate outing.ETHAN HIRSCH
VP at Wilson Events, Inc.
I was led to Rob, through myself being a terrible golfer and being hounded by referrals of "This Guy is Incredible" and "Seriously - His system just works, you have to try it out"... Finally, I had to see it for myself, and without a doubt have been blown away. Rob is both a ridiculously talented golfer, and a great personality and friend. He has an active interest in seeing you improve and through reinforcing clearly defined methods, has me consistently improving and repeating my swing, It really is fantastic. Rob has given me a new appreciation and respect for golf. Thanks for everything so far Rob.KARL ALLEN MUNCEY
Director of Marketing & Integrated Digital Products at Cober
I met Bob on a cruise ship with numerous "sea days". He gave daily instructional lectures that greatly simplified the basic and essential concepts of golf. Having been a long-time golfer, having taken many lessons, and constantly reading about different methods and approaches to gaining improvements in this enjoyable but frustrating game, I pretty much knew WHAT I was supposed to do to get better, but had difficulty actually "doing" it. For the first time, through Bob's simplified approach to the game, I was actually able to DO the things I knew I was supposed to be doing. I took two lessons from him on-board the ship, and bought both of his instructional videos. Even though I don't have much time to practice, I used his methodology upon my return home, and almost immediately gained twenty yards on my driver. More importantly, I became much more directionally accurate and consistent, and dropped my handicap by 6 strokes! If you want a "simplified" approach to the complete game that is easy to implement - this is the program!JOHN MUSCI
President at V2 Technology
Rob has developed the highest quality golf instruction system I have ever seen. Center of Gravity Golf is for the 99% of golfers who want to enjoy the game more and build confidence in their swing. His passion for golf and desire to make everyone around him a more consistent and confident player is inspiring. C.O.G. Golf is available on DVD with a book, but make it a point to see Rob in person as soon as you get the chance.JOHN ABERSTURI
Entrepreneur with a big vision for the golf industry
Rob is a first class professional who is always seeking innovative strategies to improve himself and his business. His honest and forthright nature is great asset and he would make any company better.GARY BERNARD
Chief Executive Officer PGA of Canada
Rob's Center of Gravity concept simplifies the golf swing in a way that I have not seen before. I tend to be very mechanical in my swing thoughts and have been told that this is crippling my natural ability. Center of Gravity keeps your focus on the bare essentials that will result in hitting the most consistent golf shots ever.LAURIN DEMERLING
Designer/Owner at Catwalk Performance Artwear
Rob is an excellent communicator and he knows his stuff!. His 'center of gravity' golf concept is revolutionizing the game of golf. I personally know that I will take 10 strokes of my golf game this year because of his training. Nobody has ever provided me with strategies to do that in the past and I have had several instructors.
If you want to improve your golf game dramatically, run don't walk, and get his book & CD's immediately.ROY PREVOST
Cruise Speaker Trainer, Learn How To Trade Your Speaking Skills For Luxury Cruises

Great thanks for tip.. And thanks for the system, truly easy and simple to learn. I pretty much found your system as I was starting to play and learn the sport. So it wasn't really about improving my game it was all about keeping up with my buddies that have been playing for 10yrs plus. Following your system has not only allowed me to keep up with them but even beating them at a friendly game every so often. Those are proven results that the system works!!! Cheers to COG.MARIO LOPEZ
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