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The Perfect Golf Gift For Black Friday

Enjoy the limitless possibilities of enhancing your golf game with Center of Gravity Golf Training System.

Get Your Swing In Gear

How the Center of Gravity Golf Training System Works

The Center of Gravity Golf System is a revolutionary golf instruction method that simplifies the game and provides rapid, lasting results for golfers of all skill levels. Developed through extensive research and a study of over 100,000 golfers, our unique approach focuses on three key fundamentals: Fingers, Feet, and Face.

The Full Swing Sequence

By breaking down the core elements of the golf swing and teaching them through easy-to-understand mental images, we make it simple for golfers to grasp the purpose and sequence of the swing, leading to significant improvements in performance.

The Short Game Scoring System

Once you've mastered the full swing, our short game scoring system takes your game to the next level. This seamless integration builds upon your newfound knowledge and confidence, providing a comprehensive approach to putting, chipping, finesse, and pitch shots.

Pricing Plan

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Get Your Swing in Gear

The complete system in a textbook reference guide with images and diagrams


Softcover Book

*Book fulfillment through Amazon
Get Your Swing in Gear
Video Series

The complete system taught by Rob himself. this comprehensive video series takes you through the entire training system


Lifetime Access

*Includes online streaming access to all of our video content
Get Your Swing in Gear
Complete Package

Package video access with the Get Your Swing in Gear book for additional savings!



*Group and event discounts available

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We are confident the Center of Gravity Golf system will make perfect sense, and the specific structured order of information will not only deliver quick positive results, but will be easy to remember and implement, leading to substantial improvement in a very short time.
Center of Gravity Golf will make a large, and lasting difference in any golfers game, in a very short time.

The Short Game
The Long Game
The Mental Game
The Right Swing
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Join 1,000’s of golfers of all skill levels who are getting more results and enjoyment from their golf game with Center of Gravity Golf.