Mastering the Short Game: Lowering Scores Fast with an Effective Plan

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In the game of golf, it’s often said that a good score is gained or lost around the greens. The ability to navigate the delicate shots required for chipping, finesse, pitching, and putting can make or break a golfer’s day on the course. 

That’s where a well-crafted short game plan comes into play. Offering a strategic approach to your short game will lower your scores faster than anything else. 

A comprehensive short game plan encompasses a range of simple techniques and strategies, based on a very simple move, that will quickly make you a different player.  The COG short game plan uses  the simple 1 – 1 and 1 – 2 swing to take the guesswork out on how hard to hit the ball   and makes it a choice of club. 

The beauty of a well-executed short game plan lies in its ability to provide immediate results. While swing changes and improvements in the long game can take time to manifest, working on the short game can yield fast improvements in scoring. By sharpening skills such as distance control, shot selection, and precision around the greens, golfers can eliminate costly mistakes and convert more opportunities for birdies and pars

Furthermore, a solid short game plan instills confidence and mental fortitude. Knowing that one possesses the skills and strategies to handle the delicate shots near the green breeds a sense of calmness and control. This mental strength becomes a powerful asset when facing challenging lies or high-pressure situations, allowing golfers to execute with more precision and consistency.


A successful short game plan also involves practicing situational shots. By simulating various scenarios that golfers commonly encounter on the course, such as tight lies, uneven lies, and greenside bunkers, the plan prepares golfers to handle these challenges effectively. 

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