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What You will learn

Center of Gravity Golf was created with a study of over 100,000 golfers from all around the world. The problem has been, “how do you teach a large group of people of all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds and abilities, all at the same time”. Understanding quickly I had to paint an indeleble picture in the mind of the golfer that will allow them to quickly recall how the basic fundamentals work, as well as the sequence and purpose of the swing. By dividing the entire message into easy to manage compartments of 3 mental pictures at a time, the golfers were able to understand and implement the instruction in a very short time. 

Once the full swing sequence and fundamentals are understood, implementing the short game scoring system will guarantee the best scores you have ever had. Using the knowledge acquired in the full swing section, the short game system fits like a perfect puzzle piece. The short game system will deliver the biggest returns, with the easiest swings. Putting, chipping, finesse, and pitch shots, all in a system that is easy to remember and will give you confidence from any short game distance. 

Thousands of Golfers worldwide rely on Center Of Gravity Golf

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The Center of Gravity Golf training system is built for golfers at any skill level. From beginner to pro, these structured fundamentals will help you build a strong core for getting better swings and better results everytime. Try the Center of Gravity training system today!

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