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The Center of Gravity Golf System is a revolutionary golf instruction method that can supercharge your golf game. It simplifies the game and provides rapid, lasting results for golfers of all skill levels. Developed through extensive research and a study of over 100,000 golfers, our proven system will enhance your golf game.

This video series was filmed to mirror the book, and not only explain the system, but show exactly how all the pieces fit together and how to perform the powerful 1-2-3 golf swing. Put together in 12 short chapters, the instruction is easily sourced on your phone or tablet for quick reference on the range or the course. The video series also has extra material like specialty shots and more . A perfect compliment to the book or on its own, this video instructional series will have you playing better golf,  first time out. 

Course Content

Chapter 1

The Setup

Learn the perfect set-up for posture, balance, distance from the ball, and grip . This set-up procedure will ensure consistency.

Chapter 2

The 3 Basic Fundamentals

The 3 basic fundamentals will increase consistency dramatically. Learn the easy way to control your Center of Gravity Triangle.

Chapter 3

Push, Engine, Piston

The golf swing has a specific sequence for power and directional control. Uderstanding this sequence will elevate your golf game fast.

Chapter 4

Driver Setup

This driver set up will ensure you hit the ball longer and straighter the first time you put it in play. Enjoyed over 3 million times on you tube.

Chapter 5


Learn the simple and effective chipping motion to save many shots around the green, and start to build your short game plan.

Chapter 6

Finesse Shots

A fun shot to learn, and even better to use. A natural extension of the chip shot, this shot gets you out of all sorts of trouble by flying it high over obstacles to the green.

Chapter 7

Pitch Shots

This "in-between" distance shot comes in very handy on those shots you need to fly in low and spinning. A must have to score low by adding the piston to a finesse shot, you have an advanced shot, thats easy to learn.

Chapter 8


There are very thick books written if you want to study the putting game. As far as mechanics of putting, we only control initial direction, and initial speed. The COG putting system makes it simple to putt better now.

Chapter 9

Specialty Shots

Specialty shots around the green will help shave off a few more shots around the green. these "special situation" lies, and shots are fun to learn, and even more fun to pull off in front of your friends.

Chapter 10

COG Specific Drills

These drills are designed specifically to enhance your fundamentals and raise your skillset as quickly as possible. Short, easy, and effective, these drills will make a difference fast.

Chapter 11

Practice Schedules

These practice schedules are designed to strengthen all parts of your game using only 30 or 60 balls at a time. Take them to the range and watch your game transform.

Chapter 12

Short Game Plan

This plan will guarantee the best golf of your life. Once your plan is in place, you can confidently hit short game shots from anywhere around the green.



Enhance your learning experience with our step-by-step video series, covering both the full swing and short game scoring system.






Frequently Ask Questions

Center of Gravity Golf is a comprehensive golf instructional system, including a book and video curriculium, developed by professional golf instructor Rob Bernard. The system is designed to help golfers of all skill levels understand the fundamentals of motion and how they apply to their golf swing. By focusing on three simple fundamentals - Fingers, Feet, Face - the COGG System simplifies the learning process and leads to consistent improvement.

Golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced players, can benefit from the Center of Gravity Golf system. The simple, sequential teaching approach makes it easy to understand, retain, and apply the techniques, leading to consistent improvement in your golf game.

Once you purchase the Center of Gravity Golf system, you will receive an email with a link to download the eBook in PDF format and access the video series via our online platform. You can view the videos on-demand using any device with internet access.

The Center of Gravity Golf eBook and video series are for personal use only. Sharing the materials with others is a violation of copyright law. However, we encourage you to share your enthusiasm for the system with friends and family and direct them to our website to purchase their copy.

While individual results may vary, many golfers experience noticeable improvement in their golf game after just a few practice sessions using the Center of Gravity Golf system. By consistently applying the techniques and practicing the drills provided in the system, you can expect to see ongoing progress in your golf performance.

As a member of the COG "Community of Golf," you can ask any questions you may have by contacting us through our website. Our team of professional golf instructors is here to support you on your journey to golf improvement.

Yes, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the Center of Gravity Golf system, please contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

We offer a teaching and coaching certification program for those interested in becoming certified Center of Gravity Golf instructors. Please visit our website for more information on the certification process and how to get started.


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