Tiger – Two sides to being “The Greatest” When Athletes are viewed as Role models

While we all know commentary is nothing but an opinion shaped by perceived ideals, morality, and values stuffed into our sponge-like brains by our caretakers, media, and religion, while we struggle to develop our personality.

That’s why I never bought into the whole “Role Model” moniker thrust upon any one of us who falls into the “extraordinary person” category. The problem I have with that is the person is usually “extraordinary” at only one thing. Take Tiger for example, The media seems to feel we need to see these people being “people” outside of their profession we all love to watch. I don’t need to see Tiger anywhere else but the golf course, that’s where he shines…not in the tabloids. Magazines saying“What’s wrong with Tiger?” I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Tiger, he’s human.

Why do we have a “build em up…and take em down” attitude these days with athletes?…and don’t say it’s because of the money they make. They only make as much as the people who pay them based on what WE will spend because of their talent. Eldrick was raised to become Tiger, and had a very different experience than most of us. Judging him for human indiscretions simply puts a negative “spin” on all the great moments he gave us on the golf course.

Moe Norman said it best “Don’t try to be like me…you can’t be me…you have to be you”. In a world where everyone is his or her own news service with a camera / recorder / & video studio right in their pocket, just be grateful we are not as famous as Tiger, or TMZ would be airing our dirty laundry for the righteous world to judge us by. Glass houses stand as much of a chance against golf balls as they do stones. I hope he recovers enough to thrill us with his undeniable talent, and finds love and peace in his personal and Professional life.