You’re going to get worse before you get better!

Being a golf professional for over 20 years now and watching, listening to, and performing tens of thousands of golf lessons, I have to call bull&*$% on that statement.

I have seen that statement written, and have heard it from many sources and I’m here to tell you once and for all it’s simply NOT true! If you are trying to change something, and get the right information on what it is you absolutely HAVE to do in order to strike a golf ball with some consistency, you will improve immediately, and continue to improve as you work on the basic fundamentals and understand what it is you have to get done every time, more on that later.

I believe this statement comes from the PGA Tour, and articles describing the best players in the world, the difference is, they are trying to undo positions in their golf swing that has been honed with countless thousands of practice balls and hundreds of hours perfecting what got them to the tour.

When you read about, or observe a Tour golfer trying to make changes in their swing, they are undoing hundreds of hours of perfecting something different, and while it seems they are struggling trying to make cuts and implement at the highest level of the game in the world, we see that as a digression in their swings. This is simply not true…they are still among the best players on the planet while they make the change, but they all have one thing in common…the basic fundamentals and their intimate understanding of cause and effect is still in tact while they make seemingly minute changes in their delivery of the golf club.

As an amateur player trying to get to the next level of play, whether it’s breaking 100 / 90 / 80 or getting to a single digit handicap, it all comes down to your understanding and implementation of the basic fundamentals of consistent ball striking.
Center of Gravity Golf focuses you on the three basic fundamentals of golf before teaching you the three pieces of the golf swing and the proper sequence they go in. If the three basic fundamentals break down, it doesn’t matter how pretty your swing is or how much your equipment costs, you will not improve… period, and the best thing is…EVERY miss hit shot can be traced to one of the three fundamentals.
Success in YOUR golf game (whatever level success is for you) depends 100% on how good you are at three things…how well do you maintain your Center of Gravity triangle as you swing the club around your body. This geometry is controlled by 3 things 1) boss fingers, (controls where the bottom of your swing happens every time), 2) Your feet (which controls the base of your triangle) and 3) your face, (which controls the side-to-side motion of your triangle). The better you get at these three things, the better you get, it happens immediately, and only improves every day until it becomes automatic.

Professional players work on these fundamentals every day, and that’s why they can make changes to their ball flight at the highest level and still hang with the best players in the world, their fundamentals are practically flawless, they understand what they are and how to control them. Conversely…when they get away from the basic fundamentals of consistency, the struggle is almost unbearable for them, sometimes causing injury and always causing confusion. This was never so clear to me after watching our Canadian hero Mike Weir try to make changes to the fundamentals, and we all know how painful that has been for us to watch.

So don’t fall into the trap of (it has to get worse, before it gets better) follow the Center of Gravity golf system, work on your skill set, and stop looking for the silver bullet tip, it just doesn’t exist!
Play better today…